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Personal Details

Full Name Egon James Kuster
Further details available upon request

Work History

2011 - Current SA Water - Principal IT Architect

As the principal IT architect, Egon is responsible for managing a team of enterprise, solution and technical architects in the delivery of strategies, and programs of work for SA Water. Egon is responsible for the overall architectural delivery of all IT capabilities within SA Water and providing strategic direction to the future IT roadmap for the organisation. The role is supported by a multi-disciplinary team of architects that Egon manages with skills ranging for detailed infrastructure and development skills through to business focused enterprise architecture capabilities. The position requires frequent liaison with all areas of the SA Water Business to ensure that the direction of the IT department and the organisation is in alignment with customer needs and is responsive to external organisational pressures, such as changes in government regulations, financial environment, political environment and even social changes within the community. In the role Egon is responsible for both delivering hand?s on technical solution and providing guidance on programme and project delivery to address near and long term strategies. Egon is also responsible for the improvement of the architectural landscape for the organisation and facilitating organisational and cultural changes within the organisation to achieve efficiencies and streamline the delivery of new and changed capabilities to the business to achieve enhanced outcomes to SA Water?s customers.


2008 - 2011 SMS Management and Technology
MAR 2011 - JUL 2011 SA Water - Principal IT Architect

As the principle IT architect, Egon is responsible for managing a team of technical architects in the delivery of a program of work for SA Water. In addition, Egon is responsible to developing the overarching architecture for the MASDP project that contains multiple projects delivering various technical solutions to allow for new service providers to access SAW services, while simultaneously updating these same services to provide the ongoing functionality within SAW and for the service providers who will utilise them. Egon is also providing input into the overarching architectural strategy for delivering IT capability with SAW and aligning the architecture discipline with the other business analysis and project delivery disciplines to more seamlessly delivery IT capability for the business. This role requires Egon to use both his deep technical skills in software design, software architecture, but also his team management skills and Enterprise Architecture / Governance knowledge to deliver a holistic approach to architecture within SA Water.


FEB 2011 - APR 2011 BHP Billiton Cannington - Project Manager and Compliance Auditor

As the project manager and compliance auditor, Egon is responsible for the delivery of a preliminary compliance state of the BHP Billiton Cannington group and supporting service providers against the corporate governance requirements. The purpose of this project is to utilise existing SMS intellectual property around IT security and IT service delivery to determine the current baseline compliance level against corporate policies, procedures and standards applied across the business. This work is a precursor to a larger work package and has been conducted to more accurately scope the larger work package with more concrete base information elicited through this preliminary compliance study.


NOV 2010 - JAN 2010 BHP Billiton Uranium - Solution Architect

As the Solution Architect, Egon was responsible for developing the overall system design and solution for a project to implement a new SAP PI Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for use as the organisation wide integration bus. In addition, the project was responsible for migrating functionality in an existing SAP ERP system to two new vendor systems due to the decommissioning of the functions within the original SAP system. Egon was responsible for capturing the solution architecture while managing a team of Business Analysts, data migration experts and supporting architects to achieve the project outcomes.


AUG 2010 - NOV 2010 BHP Billiton Uranium - Enterprise Architecture Framework and Governance

As the enterprise architect, Egon was responsible for designing and implementing an Enterprise Architecture framework that achieved the goals of increased consistency, enhanced rigour and increase the capability of BHP in the enterprise architecture space. This work was achieved by providing an Enterprise Architecture Uplift activity that introduced a new Enterprise Architecture Framework, Governance structure and a set of templates. To facilitate the implementation Egon was also responsible for delivering training to the organisation on how to utilise the Enterprise Architecture framework and what are the key goals of the various elements to ensure that the business goals of implementing the Enterprise Architecture will be realised. The result of this work the organisation is now able to deliver IT projects that transition to support with less issues and projects develop suitable artefacts that enable strategic planning and manage their IT complexity while enhancing the technical rigour and consistence of the IT solutions.


JUN 2009 - DEC 2010 Defence - GII&S Service Caching Concept Technology Demonstrator

As the solution architect, Egon is responsible for the design and technical direction of the Geospatial Information and Imagery Services (GII&S) Service Caching capability under development as part of the Defence Concept Technology Demonstrator (CTD) program. The goal of the CTD is to develop a capability that can support a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) within a network interrupted or disconnected environment so that users in remote locations or with limited network connectivity can access Geospatial (mapping and imagery) services without significant degradation in capability. This service caching software will allow for Google Maps like capability to be accessed on mobile devices without the need of a permanent network connection or when network connectivity is not assured.


OCT 2009 City of Charles Sturt - Review of Backup Strategy

As the Enterprise Architecture and technical specialist Egon was responsible to documenting the current implemented backup strategy for a dual site implementation using VMWare virtualisation and Tivoli Storage Manager. In addition to identifying the current backup strategy he was required to provide recommendations on best-practice strategies for disaster recovery and backup strategies customised to the council?s requirements and unique environment.


JUL 2009 Internode - Tactical Enterprise Architecture Study

Egon was responsible for developing a customised Enterprise Architecture framework to meet the detailed technical needs of Internode to meet immediate business needs. The result of this work provided the business with a base framework to help the business understand the current technology environment and provide the ability for conducting future analysis. A proof of concept implementation of the architecture was developed using the Sparx Enterprise Architecture tool to showcase how the tool could be utilised within the organisation and identify any points of concern to be considered by the business.


APR 2009 - JUN 2009 BHP Billiton Uranium - Security and Crisis Management Policy Implementation

BHP Billiton has initiated a process of defining company-wide policies, procedures and standards so that common approach to information security and information management crisis management is implemented across the company in each of the business units. Egon was responsible for determining the current compliance state for BHP Uranium Australia against the Security Standard and the Information Management Crisis Management Procedure so as to identify the potential gaps. These gaps were then analysed to determine the best approach for addressing these issues to achieve the greatest level of compliance within the defined business constraints. The result of this work was a detailed compliance analysis, costed work program and associated project management documentation required to commence the necessary remediation actions. The work was conducted in accordance with the BHP Uranium Australia Project Management framework.


MAR 2008 - MAY 2009 Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) - SOA Federation Research

As part of the Defence Logistics Information Systems acquisition project a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) Federation approach has been identified as potential architectural implementation approach; although Defence has limited experience in this field. Egon is responsible for conducting research into SOA Federation to identify what are the benefits of this architectural approach and how it can be applied within the context of the Defence Information Communication Technology (ICT) environment. This advice and guidance will be used by the project to inform the acquisition team as to the activities required to implement the various systems which ensuring security, governance and integrity is maintained.


DEC 2008 - MAR 2008 Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO) - Risk Assessment

Egon was responsible for advising the Defence Logistics Information Systems Acquisition project on the various integration risks for their major $300-350 million acquisition project. In support to the DSTO Science and Technology advisor Egon developed the technical risk assessment that identified the various risks and mitigation strategies for acquiring and implementing improved, maintenance, engineering, enterprise reporting and classified asset management within a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


JAN 2008 - DEC 2008 Maintenance Management System Project Manager and Systems Engineer

The Maintenance Management System (MMS) is responsible for the implementation of the IBM Maximo Enterprise Resource Planner for asset tracking, maintenance management and service management. Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO), BAE and RLM utilise the MMS system to support the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Over The Horizon Radar (OTHR) capability.

Egon was responsible for managing the delivery of the requirements elicitation and hardware design phase. In addition to project management responsibilities, he was also responsible for ensuring the project followed the stringent Defence and Industry accepted Systems Engineering, Hardware Engineering and Software Engineering practices and procedures. Egon was responsible for managing the project stakeholder group in running a series of workshops to determine the customer?s needs of the systems. As the Systems Engineering he was responsible for developing the key systems engineering documentation including an Operational Concept Document (OCD), System Specification (SS), Software Requirements Specification (SRS) and System / Sub-System Design Document (SSDD) following military and industry standards. Egon is also responsible for planning and scheduling the project delivery phase.


1998 - 2007 Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO)
JAN 2007 - DEC 2007 VIPA Technical Manager
Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence Division

The VIPA project entails the development of a new Defence capability for strategic and operational level logistics planning. Using emerging and advanced technologies and concepts such as Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) and the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) VIPA is developing a flexible and extensible application and enterprise architecture.

As the VIPA technical manager Egon was responsible for leading a 12 person multi-disciplinary team located around Australia developing the VIPA product. He was responsible for the VIPA architecture, technical direction, application design, systems engineering documentation, contract management, capturing requirements and deploying VIPA Version 1.0 for use by ADF personnel through the DSTO CITRIX environment. The architecture design and choice of technologies was completed by Egon and is key to the success of the VIPA system. Egon was also responsible for the development, maintenance and configuration management of the infrastructure supporting VIPA. He was also responsible for conducting numerous briefings and demonstrations of the VIPA capability to senior Defence officials


2005 - 2007 Integration, Enterprise Architecture, Logistics Research Advisor
Command and Control Division

Responsible for creating a multi-site Logistics Research Test Facility for conducting future integration and logistics systems research. The Logistics Integration Facility Testbed (LIFT) provides the core Australian Defence Force (ADF) Logistics systems in an environment conducive to future research activities using true logistics systems increasing the realism of all research activities in DSTO.

Provide technical risk assessment, Enterprise Architecture, future integration technology and international coalition system integration advice. Liaise with staff in ADF involved with ADF Logistics systems, Enterprise Architecture development and integration activities.


  • Manage technical team comprising of DSTO staff and commercial contractors;
  • Provide technical advice and guidance to various areas in Defence (Logistics Systems, Enterprise Architecture, Integration Systems);
  • Develop logistics research facility to support DSTO research;
  • Conduct research into advanced emerging Web Service standards;
  • Conduct research into Agent technologies in relation to logistics;
  • Conduct research into future application deployment and development techniques;
  • Conduct research into advanced implementation of Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Service Bus concepts for Defence;
  • Provide Liaison service between DSTO and various areas in Defence Logistics and Enterprise Architecture groups;
  • Facilitate interaction between multiple DSTO projects to better "productise" DSTO outcomes for Defence clients.


2001 - 2004 Australian Coalition Theatre Logistics (CTL) Technical Manager
Headquarters Systems Experimentation Group – Command and Control Division

Responsible for the direction of the Australian technical team on the Coalition Theatre Logistics (CTL) program. CTL is a joint project between the Australian and US Defence organisations to develop a prototype to support coalition logistics operations.

Provide technical project risk analysis to support the Chief Defence Scientist for the approval of logistics projects in Australian Defence.


  • Manage technical team comprising of DSTO staff and commercial contractors;
  • Provide technical project management, task reporting and technical guidance to CTL management;
  • Administer DSTO and external task finance;
  • CTL systems analyst;
  • Enterprise software architect;
  • Requirements analysis for defence customers;
  • Liaise with US Technical team and Australian defence logistics systems staff in the integration of national systems into the CTL system;
  • Represent Australian Defence Organisation (ADO) during foreign CTL activities;
  • Develop J2EE and Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) based solutions;
  • Keep abreast of technical developments in commercial and defence industries;
  • Conduct awareness of CTL program throughout defence and client groups;
  • Maintain development Intranet site and test environment;
  • Create technical documentation for the CTL architecture and Australian developed components;
  • Support the transition of CTL into the Australian Command and Control Support systems for future operational use;
  • Support international software demonstrations;
  • Research internet-based applications development techniques;
  • Develop operational version of CTL;
  • Provide project risk analysis for defence logistics projects.


  • Created CTL architecture being used and under consideration for use in the wider defence community for sharing all coalition data during coalition operations;
  • Successful CTL system demonstrations in multi-national exercises including: Multi-National Experiment 3 (MNE3 2004), Thailand (Cobra Gold 2003), Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID 2002);
  • Implemented prototype CTL solution that demonstrates Australian Logistics systems integrated with US systems;
  • Published multiple DSTO reports outlining the CTL architecture and implementation details;
  • Operational Deployment of CTL system for use by the Australian Defence Force;
  • Successful transition of CTL to ADF in-service agencies.


2000 – 2001 Network Manager, Software Engineer and Research Analyst
Information Exploitation Group – Command and Control Division

Manager of the Coalition Federated Battle Laboratory Network (CFBLnet) South Australian node. Research the use of Enterprise Information Portals (EIP) for the defence environment. Support in development and general programming of defence related software systems.


  • Develop and support demonstrations/activities conducted on the South Australian node of the CFBL international defence demonstration network;
  • Local network security officer for CFBLnet;
  • Research Enterprise Information Portals (EIP);
  • Develop Java-based software solutions;
  • Provide guidance and support in the use of web-based technologies in software development programs.


  • Successful implementation of the South Australian node on CFBLnet;
  • Implemented geospatial filters to make commercial products support new emerging standards;
  • Provided input on the CINC21 project in the development of coalition information sharing system.


1998– 2000 Software Engineer
C3I Operational Analysis Group – Information Technology Division

Develop software to support the operational analysis work conducted by the group. Provide operational analysis support.


  • Develop Microsoft Access database to store and manipulate analysis data collected during operational analysis gathering;
  • Develop software tools to support the collection and analysis of data during exercises and defence studies;
  • Support in conducting interviews in user feedback studies;
  • Support operational software in multinational demonstrations;
  • Provide support to operational analysis studies,


  • Developed a Web-based online questionnaire software system (Web Data Collection Tool (WDCT)) to support the analysis of software demonstrations over the CFBLnet for Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstrations (JWID) (Multinational technology demonstration program);
  • Successfully used the Online questionnaire tool in multiple international software demonstrations to illicit feedback from military users;
  • Provide support in the analysis of the transition from the old AUSTACCS to the new BCSS software system to be used by the Australian Army.


1998 Vacation Student
Electronic Warfare Division

Implement a simulation systems database to enable the storage of information about the simulations and models developed by the group.


  • Design database to store information about simulation systems developed by the group;
  • Create web front end to the simulations database;
  • Provide technical guidance on the selection of technologies and implementation methods.


  • Implemented Oracle database and initial population of data;
  • Prototype Active Server Page (ASP) web front end completed with connection to online database.


1997 - 1998 Flinders University of South Australia

1998 Graphic Designer and Web Developer
Naracoorte Caves Information Kiosk

Responsible for the design and development of graphics and layout of all pages used within the web-based information kiosk to be used at the Naracoorte Caves information centre.


  • Create graphics using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator;
  • Develop web pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and HTML.


  • Information Centre was successfully opened to the public by the South Australian premier.


1998 Systems Administrator and Web Developer
Computer Mediated Learning Laboratory

Support in the development of new online training material for science students. Help in the support of the Windows based computing environment.


  • Develop web pages to migrate teaching material from applications to online training sites to support teaching over the Internet.
  • Install new hardware into laboratory computers.


1997 - 1998 Tutor and Demonstrator
Computer Science Department

Conduct tutorial session and laboratory classes for a variety of computing subjects.


  • Conduct Information Technology 1 laboratory sessions;
  • Conduct Java Programming 1 tutorials.



1996 - 1998 Bachelor of Information Technology
Flinders University of South Australia

Studies included computer science, psychology and professional communication. Subjects included, (not all listed):

Computer Programming Information Technology
Data Structures and Algorithms Small Business
Operating Systems Professional English
Computer Networks Database Systems
Psychology 1 and 2 Programming Language Concepts
Physiological Basis of Behaviour Statistics
Industrial and Organisational Psychology Communication Skills
Small Scale Structures of the Universe  

Courses and Awards

DSTO Early Career Achievement Award (2004)
Oracle Database Administration
IONA Corba
Visual Basic 6.0
Sun Java Programming I - Language Foundations
Sun Java Programming II - Developing Multithreaded Networked GUI Applications
Informix Database Administration
DSTO Residential Management Course
Project Management Course (run by Performance Development Group)
Rotary Youth Leadership Award (residential course)
Occupational Health and Safety Course

Technologies, Standards and Concepts  

JavaScript Struts & Java Server Faces (JSF)
DHTML J2EE (JMS, EJB, JNDI, Servlets, etc.)
XML Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, UDDI, WS-*, etc.)
XSL Enterprise Information Portals
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Services Oriented Architectures (SOA)
Active Server Pages (ASP) Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
ODBC Enterprise Architecture Concepts

Programming Languages

Java Haskel Visual Basic
Perl C/C++ Prolog
Ada Objective C (Apple OSX)  

Developer Tools and Applications
For both Windows and Apple OSX

Macromedia Dreamweaver Rational Rose XML Spy
Macromedia Fireworks Poseidon UML MapForce
Macromedia Freehand Borland JBuilder Sourceforge
Adobe Illustrator Netbeans IDE CVS
Adobe Photoshop Eclipse IDE Microsoft Office

Servers and Database

Oracle 8i and 9i Database Java Web Service Development Pack (JWSDP)
Oracle PL/SQL Microsoft SQL Server
Oracle Pro*C Microsoft Access
BEA WebLogic Platform Informix
JBoss Microsoft Sharepoint
Apache Web Server MoveableType
Microsoft IIS Apple OSX Server
Apache Tomcat IBM WebSphere