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This page contains a list of all the Internet links that I find helpful for my work (Software Engineering and Web Development) and what I use at home. If any of these links no longer work please send me an email (

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Web Development
Dynamic Duo Usefull cross browser library to allow DHTML scripts to work in multiple browsers without coding hassles.
overLIB Website for the overLIB library. This a great little script to create popups in web pages, very useful when developing websites.
Dynamic Drive Website that contains a library of DHTML scripts to expand the capabilities of web pages.
Cascading Style Sheet Reference Contains a very good reference and guide for developing CSS for web sites.

Java References The official Sun java website.
Eclipse IDE Great extensible Java IDE. Contains complete support for CVS and many different views and coding support. This IDE is supported by IBM.
Netbeans IDE Another good Java IDE. This is the IDE supported by SUN.

News Sites Great news site about all things geeky.
Google News Great news site that displays news from many different sites all on one page. There is also an Australian version.
BBC News World news from the BBC.
Wired News Technology based news from around the world. News about J2EE and all things Java related. Also contains other information about enterprise use of Java.
NewsForge News from the open source community.
Kiro5hin Site that contains user provided technology news.
Gizmodo Weblog Ok so this is not technically a news site but it contains a great array of reviews of new gadgets.

Search Engines This is probably the only real internet search engine with amazing advanced features like news (Australian Version), image searches, news group search, directory searches and newer advanced features are being developed all the time.
Start Search A natural language search engine developed by MIT. This is a great search engine that can answer many different questions including "where is canberra"
Ask Jeeves Uses natural language questions to search for information on the Internet.
Find Forward Uses the google search engine but allows to search blogs, provide the results as a RSS feed and more.

Mac Sites This is the best site ever. I look at this almost everyday to see what is new within the mac community. This site should be saved in everyones bookmarks. Good site to find solutions to all the small problems or tasks that you need to do on Mac OSX. Contains a list of news similar to slashdot although for mac related news. Contains a list of downloads for the Mac OSX operating system. A brilliant site for finding software developed for the Mac OSX operating system. Interesting site about news and rumours about future developments about Apple Computers and related products. Another mac related rumours site. Great site that contains a program called Konfabulator that allows you to run little widgets to do all sorts of tasks (eg. display the number of items in your trash, display the current song in iTunes, view RSS feeds, the weather, etc.) The site also has numerous widgets available for download.

Australian TV Great site for searching for programs or storing a list of your favourite programs. Able to display all the programs for free to air TV and cable networks. Another usefull site for Australian TV programs. This site allows you to save static links to pages, for instance here is a link to the Canberra TV guide for night programs (link). Channel 7 Home Page Network 10 Home Page ABC Home Page SBS Home Page
Australian TV Guide (XML) A set of web services that provide the Australian TV guide in XML.

Online Funds Transfers Most commonly used online transaction site. Associated with eBay and used for many funds transfers to pay for items on eBay. An Australian version of PayPal. This site allows for the transaction of Australian and US dollars (unlike PayPal that does not use AUD).

Wiki World (links)
Wiki Home The home page for wiki. Wiki is a server software solution that allows the easy creation of pages on the internet. It allows web users to create pages, discuss pages and edit pages all from a browser and without any knowledge of HTML.
Wiktionary A Wiki based open source dictionary.
Wikipedia A Wiki based open source encyclopedia.
Wikisource A Wiki based open source book/article repository
TikiWiki An open source implementation of the wiki engine. One of the more feature rich versions of a Tiki, some people believe too much.

Blogs Around the World
Brett Rann's Breezestreet Blog Brett is one of the LabF members and has his own blog.
Egon Kuster's Blog My personal blog on web services, web development, java, standards, gadgets, Apple Mac and anything else cool and funky.
LabF Articles Blog Articles, dream logs, and news items about LabF.
Gizmodo A great blog about new gadgets and hardware to keep the geek in you happy.
A List Apart Great group of articles about all aspects of web development. Has some of the best Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).