October 14, 2007


Ads05-1One of the projects that I work on has recently been published in the Australian Defence Science magazine. The project is called Logwiki and is a wiki configured for use by the Australian Defence Force logistics community. For more information have a read of the Logwiki article available here.

Logwiki Article

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August 21, 2007

Custom JIRA Report Generation

 Images Jira Logo SmallI am using Atlassian JIRA at work nowadays for tracking of multiple items on our projects including tasks, feature requests, customer questions, requirements and of course bugs in our software. The key question that has come up recently was whether I could easily format the requirement type issues in JIRA so that they can form the body of a Software Requirements Specification (SRS).

At first I thought I would be able to just install a plugin into JIRA's flexible plugin system but quickly found that there were no suitable plugins that would provide the report I required. I did start think about creating my own plugin but that would have taken too long so I turned my attention to the various export formats, which includes, XML, excel and Word. The problem with the word output is that there is no way of customising the output format easily. Then I remembered about words form merge function which allows you to import data from an external data source, which includes an excel spreadsheet. So the end result is I can export the JIRA issues as an excel spreadsheet and then use the Word Merge feature to load this spreadsheet as a data source and import the data into Word using any format that I require.

Atlassian JIRA

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July 07, 2007

FlyGesture Now Free

FlygestureFlyGesture from Flyingmeat has now released their gesture program for free download a use by anyone. This a nice little program that allows you to use your mouse of trackpad to draw a gesture on the screen to launch an application, load a web page or other actions within OSX. Head on over and download you free copy.

FlyGesture Home Page

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June 02, 2007

Google Gears

 Images Gears SmThe web development or web engineering space has been pretty quiet as late with nothing really new being developed by anyone or any amazing ideas being put into action, until now. The Google guys have done it again with their release of Google Gears. Google Gears is an API for web developers to allow their applications to be run in an offiline mode and therefore accessible while their user's computer is not connected to the Internet. Google Gears supports both Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, OSX and Linux therefore supporting 99% of the Internet population. Google gears consists of three components, Local Server that stores the web application resources, and local database to store the content for the application and a WorkerPool that allows your applications to be more responsive (somehow).

If you want to see it in action head on over to Google Reader as it has been enabled with Google Gears support or if you are a web developer head on over to the Google Gears Developer page.

Google Gears Home
Google Gears Developer Page
Google Reader

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May 22, 2007

CSS Dock


I am a big fan of Macs, I am also a big fan of good use of technologies for the web. So I bring to you the CSS dock Menu. Ok so maybe it is not really such a good use of web technologies, but it is still impressive.

CSS Dock Article
CSS Dock Demo

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May 08, 2007

iPod Shuffle Case / Beer Opener


Anyone out there looking to buy me a present well here is cool little item. I have an iPod Shuffle (2nd Generation) like many of you out there and like most of you have found it is kinda annoying having your earphones getting all tanged up. I like you also like drinking beer so this cool combination of an iPod case / beer top opener is a great idea.

Bevy iPod Shuffle Case / Beer Opener

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May 06, 2007

Web Developers Links

Df LogoHere is a great set of links for Web Developers. It contains links for Javascript Libraries, AJAX frameworks, Fonts, icons and more. All the common links are there plus a heap more I have not seen before.

Web Designers Tool Kit

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May 02, 2007

Urban Gnomes - Vitamin

 Images Logo-3 Vitamin produces a range of very different house decoration items. One of my favourites is the common garden gnome for the urban yuppies out there (like me) - see image below. Other cool items are a flower pot that is self watering with a medical IV drip or even a floor lamp that doubles as a floor sweeper.

 Products Gnomes Images Zip

Vitamin Home Page

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April 07, 2007

Google Desktop for Mac Available

 Images Logo3-1Google Desktop is now available for the Mac. Although in my opinion it is not as good as using my all time favourite program Quicksilver it is still pretty useful for finding files on your computer. Best of all it contains the Google Updater so that you can make sure that all your google applications are installed and up to date on your mac. It is a free download but please be warned when you first install Google Desktop it does a complete scan of your hard disk for indexing purposes which will take quite some time to complete. I therefore recommend doing the install just before you go to bed so that it can index over night.

Google Desktop For Mac

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March 25, 2007

Eclipse Plugin: History Flow

HistoryflowHere is an interesting new plugin for the Eclipse development environment. Rather than the traditional file history the History Flow plugin provides a different way to view the history of your files in CVS.

History Flow Plugin

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